Chrysanthemums by Henry Ortiz Utima


The chrysanthemums are of Asian origin; At present we can find different varieties of this flower in the world.

When does it bloom?

Flowering produce a late summer (October) and lasts until November-December.
How long do chrysanthemum flowers last? The cut flowers of this plant, if you change the water often and remove the leaves that are in the water, can last up to 3 weeks.

What to do to grow it in a pot?

When buying a chrysanthemum should be noted that it has enough buds, that read a little open and you can see the color, because sometimes, if they are more closed, not just open. It is convenient to put them in a wide pot, 20 to 25 cm in diameter, with a good mixture of vegetal substrate and peat. Then, put in a clear and ventilated place, but without currents. Always keep the plant moist and always remove the withered flowers or leaves.

Is it appropriate to prune these plants?

Yes, it is good for the plant to give more flowers next year. The most appropriate time is, after flowering, when you have fallen the flowers and, to make it, you have to cut the branches leaving about 4 cm only. Then, water moderately.

Advice. For flowers to grow larger and more beautiful, it is convenient to leave only one flower per stem, so it is recommended to eliminate the lateral buds.


The flowers of the plant do not open. The reason is the lack of light, for it to carry out the plant in a well-lit place. The underside of the leaves and stems have reddish patches. This is due to rust, which has developed due to excess moisture. It is advisable to make preventive treatments with products containing zineb. The leaves and stems become a color that discolors and deforms. This occurs when the plant has a spraying effect with a fungicide to eradicate it. The flowers have light brown spots on the lower part of the petals. It is infected with the fungus botrytis cinerea. To avoid this, you have to deal with a fungicide with benomyl.

Light. This plant needs a lot of light, but taking care that the sun exposure is not direct, as it could burn.
Temperature. It is convenient that you have it in a room that is quite cool and very well ventilated, since it withers quickly if the atmosphere is too hot. Ideally, it should be between 13º C and 18º C.
Irrigation. To the chrysanthemum it is necessary to water it frequently so that the earth is always humid, but taking care with the encharcamientos, since an excess of water can rot it. In order to avoid it you have to have well-drained soil. It also sprays frequently with water, without wetting the flower buds.
Fertilizer. In flowering season we will pay every 15 days with a liquid fertilizer.

I love the nature and the flowers.

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